Programme Summary

The Activator Programme has been improved to provide your staff, school and tamariki with more value and support. This value and support comes in the form of multiple new initiatives that will be offered by our Activators. These initiatives have been designed with the intention of supporting staff and creating a positive physical activity culture within our invested schools and kura.

Underpinning this overarching change will be outcomes that are focused on supporting the teachers within our invested Selwyn schools to deliver quality physical activity experiences for their tamariki. This will align with national and local guidelines for best practice in physical activity. Providing our tamariki with a positive experience is at the forefront of programme planning and delivery.

There are a number of important insights from research undertaken by Sport New Zealand. These insights, along with ten years of programme delivery experience by the Selwyn Sports Trust, will form a critical part of the changes to the programme.

Alongside the vision for the Activator Programme, please find below the four key outcomes we are collectively working towards as we move forward on our journey with implementation of the new Programme in 2023.

Outcome 1 - Schools and kura understand and promote quality physical activity experiences for all students

  • Schools and kura will have access to PLD workshops with a focus on play, physical activity and inclusivity
  • Schools and kura will be provided knowledge and resources highlighting the value of physical activity, sport & play.
  • Activators will co-design inclusive practices for school and kura initiatives
  • Access to resources and support in developing plans that promote quality physical activity initiatives
  • Support in providing time, place and permission to enable quality play opportunities

Outcome 2 - Whakatipu Kaihautū Leaders are supported to be leaders through physical activity

  • Year 6 students have access to Whakatipu Kaihautū Leader (WKL) training events
  • WKL will be provided with ongoing mentoring and support
  • WKL will be supported to run physical activity events and/or initiatives across their school

Outcome 3 - Schools and kura to develop and support the growth of under represented demographics in sport, physical activity, and play

  • Access to support to implement programs/initiatives to grow physical activity for under represented demographics such as girls, Māori, Pacifica and tamariki with a disability
  • Access to informative resources/knowledge surrounding the importance of activation for all within sport, play, and physical activity

Outcome 4 - Teachers are supported to deliver quality physical activity experiences

  • Access to PLD and resources to upskill their confidence in delivering physical activity, PE, sport and/or play
  • Access to 1-1 mentoring
  • Access to co-teaching
  • Support with planning and implementation of plans

"To support all schools and kura within Selwyn to embrace the holistic values of physical activity to improve the wellbeing of their tamariki"

Our Activators

Our Activators are delivering new roles within the Activator Programme for 2023.  Each school and kura will have a dedicated Activator who is the key support person for anything the school need related to physical activity and the Selwyn Sports Trust.

In addition, each Activator is a "Subject Matter Expert" within their role. This means that they will be able to share their knowledge with the entire Activator staff and also support each of our Invested Schools with anything regarding their area of expertise:

Wāhine Activator

Our Wāhine Activator is responsible for creating positive change and providing new positive physical activity experiences for young wāhine in our invested schools and kura.

PLD (Professional Learning and Development) Activator

Our PLD Activator is responsible for the planning and implementation of numerous PLD workshops (both in school and inter-school) available to all staff of a school or kura who invests in the Activator Programme.

Tākaro Activator

Our Tākaro Activator is responsible for creating an access point for everyone into te ao Māori, particularly for Māori to be connected to their culture through taonga tākaro and Kī-o-Rahi. Helping to strengthen hauora amongst Selwyn whānau.